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10 Great Medieval Home Decor Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends.

Some people, like me for instance , are drawn to castles. There’s something about their majesty that lures out both the suppressed romantic and therefore the inner warrior. as long as most folks , including me, can’t afford a castle, is there any way we will capture just a touch of a castle’s alluring qualities? Happily, yes, there is.

We don’t got to have sweeping hallways crammed with Celtic art and suits of armor to possess slightly of castles in our homes. Here are a 10 interior design ideas for adding a castle-like panache into your home decor.

1. Arches

France, Loire Valley, Amboise, the Castle St Hubert Chapel, UNESCO World Heritage

Castle architecture is crammed with arches. Incorporating a minimum of one among these architectural details into your home’s design can bring a touch of real castle into your proverbial castle.
Arched doorways can add any style home.

Arched windows traditionally have added elegance to a home, but they will also hint at a castle.

An arched ceiling, however modern, especially if wiped out dark wood, can say, “Castle” regardless of what space it’s in.

2. Bare Floors

When you picture a castle, you don’t see wall-to-wall carpeting. Castles had bare floors, usually made from stone. Stone flooring, therefore, provides a robust base for castle décor.
Medieval castles boast a bare floor that’s usually made from stones, so marble tiles or wall-to-wall carpeting has no room during this era. Ditch the sparkly and shining floor and stick with a bare floor to realize that middle-age vibe.

Interiors of a fort, Jhansi Fort, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India. (Photo by: Images Group via Getty Images)

3. Castle Colors

Typical castles are dark and rugged, with deep, jewel-toned colors. The three commonest colors utilized in castle décor are burgundy, dark green, and gold.
You can use one among these colors for your walls.
The above photo shows how you’ll achieve a dark color on every wall if you mix it with lighter-colored fabrics.
Or try combining a robust burgundy accent wall with gold on the opposite walls.

Interiors of a Medieval Castle

4 Furniture

View of King Charles Room showing bed and tapestries. The bed is made up of bulbous Elizabethan posts from a table and a c17th headboard that may have been an overmantel for a fireplace.

Nothing screams “medieval” quite large wooden furniture with a strong presence. Always think big when trying to find furniture because it is that the key to realize a castle-inspired space. Lean towards chunky, dark, and wooden pieces with intricate carvings.

A good example would be a wooden antique treasure box which will be transformed as a cocktail table and may also function a storage box. Place it within the middle of the front room , top it with a dark faux fur table runner, and voila, instant accent piece within the medieval-themed area.
Another option would be scouting antique shops that sell gothic chairs with stunning wood carvings. No got to purchase the whole set of chairs, just a pair will make an adequate statement. Place it within the front room area where guests can lounge and luxuriate in a brass goblet just like the Knights of the Round Table.

Room view of the White Room showing the walnut Genoese bed. The decorative ceiling has moulded wooden ribs in a geometrical pattern pinned to the ceiling.

5. Use Stone-Printed Wallpaper

Medieval castles are built to guard the kings and therefore the nobles of the auld langsyne , so it must be sturdy and may withstand any unwanted intruders, hence, the stone walls and floors.

Of course, we can’t instantly build stone walls just to relive the Middle Ages within the front room . However, we will still achieve that stone-wall castle feels by using printed wallpapers. If you’ve got a while for a few DIY, faux-stone painting is that the thanks to go.

6. Don’t Forget the fireside

FRANCE – DECEMBER 5: Living room with a fireplace in Chateau Du Plessis-Mace, Pays de la Loire. France, 13th-16th century. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

It is impossible for a medieval castle to not have a hearth . Back within the days, apart from being the source of heat , the fire is that the hallmark of a medieval castle.

If there’s an existing fireplace, just fill the walls with dark stone-printed wallpapers. within the absence of a legit fireplace, create an illusion by making a life-size cardboard fireplace or stick a hearth decal during a plain wall.

FRANCE – DECEMBER 5: Kitchen of the Castle-Museum of Cayla, Andillac, Midi-Pyrenees. France, 15th century. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

7. Long Drape Curtains

FRANCE – APRIL 08: The Red room in the Castle of Longpra, founded in 14th century, Saint-Geoire-en-Valdaine, Rhone-Alpes, France. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Use dark and heavy fabrics (like velvet) within the shade of black, maroon, dark purple, gold, or deep blue to realize a castle window coverings. Another trick to urge a medieval-themed window area is to put a no-sew fabric that provides a rough and classic look.

Bedroom Of Diane De Poitiers In The Chateau De Chenonceau, Chenonceau, Indre-Et-Loire, France (Photo by: Insights/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

8. Decorate with Medieval Memorabilia

Marble dinning table top for Home Decor
Marble dinning table top for Home Decor handmade by us from the city of Taj Mahal

Finish off the decors by adding interesting medieval collectibles like sigil banners, flags, statues, figurines, carved frames, and candle holders. they could be small and wouldn’t occupy a huge space within the front room , but it is a superb “finishing touch” to finish the design .

Black marble table top for coffee tables or office tables
Black marble table top for coffee tables or office tables

9. Stone

Mughal times inspired marble inlaid art piece for home home decoration to give your home a mid-century feel.Mid century Marble table top engraved with semi precious stones

If you’ve chosen a bare stone floor, as discussed in Element One above, you have already got a basis for your castle décor. But take that stone up the walls if you actually want your home to possess hardy castle zest.
The more rugged and old-world the stone, the more enduring your castle theme are going to be .
Put uneven rustic stone with a hearth , and you’ll start feeling sort of a castle lord or lady.

10. Wall Sconces

For the mystery and charm of a real castle, you want to have wall sconces. Positioned between narrow windows, especially, they’ll add enough enchantment to an area to move it back to medieval times.

Wrapping Up

Every remodeling project is merely nearly as good because the creator’s imagination. So, don’t be afraid to travel extra and be as creative as possible in achieving that ultimate childhood dream of being a king or queen of your own castle.

But keeping your health and safety as our first priority in the COVID-19 times we would suggest you to explore medieval times inspired handmade art pieces for your home and gifts for your loved one’s at our shop

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